Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Kaddish Question

Dear Rabbi:
I can't get to synagogue for all the prayers, how many times a day do I have to say Kaddish. The first month, the entire year and during the week of Azkara, and on the ''Yahrtzei"


Rabbi Joshua Maroof said...

I assume we are speaking of reciting the Kaddish for a parent. The basic custom is to say the Kaddish at least once a day, during the first eleven months after the parent's passing and then on the anniversary of their death. Many people adopt the stringency of reciting Kaddish at every service (i.e., Morning, Afternoon, and Evening) on these days. Generally speaking, Kaddish is not said at all during the twelfth month. However, some Sephardim have the custom to say Kaddish for the first eleven months, after which they take a break for only a week, and then go back to reciting Kaddish each day through the day of the "Yahrtzeit".

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