Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Nehamat Yaaqov - Laws of the Three Weeks

I am proud to present Nehamat Yaaqov, a concise guide to the laws of the Three Weeks and Tisha B'av. It is dedicated to the memory of my dear mother-in-law, Yehudit Bat Shmuel A"H.

Please feel free to email me any questions or comments you may have regarding the text.

As an aside, I realize that many readers are waiting for responses to queries they have submitted. I apologize for the delays. Rest assured that new content will be posted on this blog in the very near future.


Matt said...

Rabbi Maroof,

Thank you for yet another addition to the "Yaakov Series."

You writes: "It is meritorious to avoid listening to most forms of music (with the exception of
classical and some religious music) throughout the year as a sign of mourning for
the destruction of the Temple."

What is the basis of the distinction between classical and non-classical music?

Anonymous said...

Others bring you to dance

Rabbi Joshua Maroof said...


Anonymous is basically correct. Classical music differs from other forms of music in that people listen to it for aesthetic reasons or its calming effects, but not to create a "party atmosphere". This is why classical music is often played during a wedding ceremony but never during the dancing that follows!

Matt said...

Rabbi Maroof,

Your distinction makes perfect sense. Is this the result of your own understanding of the sugya or are there other poskim who hold similarly? (The issue is quite relevant to me, personally, because I ONLY listen to classical music anyway!)

Rabbi Joshua Maroof said...

This is my understanding of the issue, but I have heard several reports of other posqim ruling this way as well. As Rabbi Chait once remarked to me years ago, when it comes to establishing the parameters of mourning customs during the three weeks and sefira, common sense should be our guide.

Anonymous said...

What are the reasons for the laws? Maimonides would mention his reasons. Don't try and be a super-Maimonides and not mention your reasons or sources.

Rabbi Joshua Maroof said...


Maimonides omitted his sources because he wanted his work to stand independently of the Talmud and its commentaries.

I omit sources and reasons in order to simplify matters. The purpose of my compendium is just to provide practical guidelines, not to explain the concepts that underly them.

Anonymous said...

You have not asked the question. You have totally missed the point. Maimonides would state the reason.

Maimonides would also answer questions when asked.

You, Sir, are super-Maimonides.

Anonymous said...


B.BarNavi said...

(Is Bossa Nova "muzak" a form of mutar music?)

Just remember - if not listening to upbeat music interferes with your parnassa (livelihood), i.e. you are a musician or club owner, you are exempt from this restriction. But you shouldn't be working on 9 Av itself anyway, let alone work on music!

Anonymous said...

Nu, nu!

The Rambam always explains the reasons. For example look at hilchot teshuva.

Don't try and copy his format when you don't understand his format.

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