Thursday, December 25, 2008

Tefillin, Prayer and Gelatin


Hello Rabbi Maroof-

I was looking at your blog, and I wanted to ask you a couple of questions, whether through the blog, or through email both are the same to me, but I didn't know exactly how to post it to the blog...

1.- Removing Tefillin for the Restroom - When we remove the Tefillin to use the restrooms, do we remove it in any specific way? (such as we would when removing them for putting them away)

2.- Praying Shacharit after the latest time for Shacharit (and before Chatzot) - My understanding about praying Shacharit was that one is allowed to pray Shacharit up until Chatzot. Recently I heard in a recorded Shiur that when one prays Shacharit after the latest time for Shacharit (Sof Zman Tefilah) and before Chatzot, then one doesn't mention Hashem's name in the Berachot of Shema. What's the Halacha Lemaase? Furthermore, if one is allowed to pray Shacharit up until Chatzot, then what exactly does that mean? -> Should one finish before Chatzot? Should one start before Chatzot? I understand than to avoid all this the best is to pray as early as possible, yet sometimes, it's not always easy or possible...

3.- Gelatin - I recently read an article ( about gelatin which 'claims' that Rab Ovadia Yosef categorizes it as parve due to its chemical process and change. Is the article accurate? If yes, does that mean we could potentially eat any gelatin?

Thank you so much Rabbi, and warm regards,


Dear Daniel,

1. You remove them the same way you would to put them away.

2. After Sof Zeman Tefillah (the last time for morning prayers), the Amidah (silent devotion) can still be recited but not the blessings on the Shema or the blessings on Pesuqei Dezimra (i.e., Baruch Sheamar/Yishtabach). The Amidah should be finished, at least the majority of it, before Hatzot (halakhic midday).

3. This attribution is correct, Hacham Ovadiah states this unequivocally in a Teshuva in his responsa Yabia Omer (in the eighth volume), and he is by no means alone in this assessment.

So gelatin is indeed OK at least for Sephardim who abide by the rulings of Hacham Ovadiah.

Best Regards,

Rabbi Maroof


Anonymous said...

So how does one remove their tefillin when putting them away?
Is there a specific order to taking them off, or a requirement of standing or sitting?

Where is this brought down?

Anonymous said...

its awesome

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I think the rabbi needs to clearer on the gelatin question. All food is kosher ONLY with the proper kashrut on it-

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