Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Women's Issues

On the heels of Hakham Ovadiah Yosef's recent espousal of liberal views regarding women and Megillah - novel to some but not intrinsically newsworthy since he has been quite candid about his position on these issues for many, many years already - comes an article on the question of the ordination of women as Orthodox Rabbis.

For many years I have planned to write a paper on this very subject including a systematic review and analysis of the relevant halakhic sources (there are a limited number but their implications are quite fascinating). The appearance of this news item has reawakened my interest in doing so in the near future. Perhaps the blogosphere is the ideal venue for its publication, one installment as a time. To be continued, I suppose...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

what if there are competent men around would she not be yotze the men or would they be yotze bedieved?

If she has the same chiuv as men do then why is it a problem to yotze men? If she doesnt have the same chiuv and cant be yotze men then no matter what the situation is she wouldnt be yotze them.