Thursday, April 06, 2006


Q: Dear Rabbi Maroof,

Does brandy need to be kosher and, if so, does it also have to be kosher for Pesach?


A: Dear Michele,

Regular brandy is made from grape juice or wine and therefore requires kosher supervision. Pure fruit brandy (plum, apple, etc.) doesn't require kosher supervision provided that it does not contain any wine or other problematic ingredients.

With regard to Passover, it is easiest to purchase brandy that is specifically approved for Pesah use. Brandies are often mixed with other spirits during processing in order to facilitate their distillation, and these added substances may be grain-based and therefore hametz. However, if you are able to confirm that the brandy is totally unadulterated, it need not have special supervision for Passover.

Best Regards,

Rabbi Maroof

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